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Oakford 790 Pellet Grill Bundle

Have it all at once! With the Oakford 790 Pellet Grill Bundle you can't go wrong. This bundle includes the Oakford Pellet Grill that offers you complete control, a Starter Kit to start your Oakford journey, and a 9Kg Heritage Blend Pellets for that delicious smokey flavor!

Our Pellet Grill Starter Kit includes:

  • 790 Pellet Probe
  • Three Piece Toolset
  • Foil Bucket Insert
  • Latex Gloves
  • 790 Pellet Grill Cover
  • Butcher’s Paper
R 20,897.00
R 15,999.00

Oakford 790 Pellet Grill Bundle
Oakford 790 Pellet Grill Bundle
Oakford 790 Pellet Grill Bundle
Oakford 790 Pellet Grill Bundle
Get to know your oakford 790 Pellet Grill

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  • Feature One

    Electricity Usage

    The pellet grill is compatible with solar - or generator. The Ignition uses up to 230 watts and the cooking time uses 30 - 50 watts per hour.

  • Feature Two

    Braai Smarter with Nexfi™ technology

    Control your Oakford from your smartphone with the Nexgrill app's SureTemp™ technology.

  • Feature Three

    Perfectly Cooked Meat

    Precision control with every cook! The temperature probes ensure you serve perfectly braaied food every time.

  • Feature Four

    6 in 1 different cooking systems

    Grill, smoke, bake,roast, braise and warm- It's all possible inside the Oakford

  • Feature Five

    Real wood. Real Smokey Flavour

    Oakford Premium Hardwood Pellets are carefully crafted to add big smokey flavours. Hardwood pellets produce a clean smoke and impart well-balanced flavour to all your foods.

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