Introducing the New Oakford 790 Pellet Grill by Nexgrill

Wood-Smoked BBQ Has a New Champion: Nexgrill Oakford 790 Pellet Grill

The best wood-smoked Nexgrill Oakford 790 Pellet Grill is now in town!

The all-new Nexgrill Oakford 790 Pellet Grill from Nexgrill makes cooking with legendary wood-smoked flavour easy.

Nexgrill Oakford 790 Pellet Grill doesn't just make it easy to make authentic wood-smoked meat, it represents an entirely new way of cooking by Nexgrill! It all comes down to how many people you plan to feed.

What is a Pellet Grill?

A pellet grill or wood pellet smoker uses small pieces of flavoured hardwood to smolder and create smoke that infuses your food with a rich flavour profile. It also holds the firebox to just the right temperature – almost like an outdoor convection oven! In fact, just about anything you cook in a standard oven can be made on the pellet grill, allowing you to smoke, grill, bake, or even braise at your braai.

Typically, this grill has an electric or gas-powered system that automatically feeds flavoured wood pellets into the smoker. In the case of Oakford, it's a standard wall plug.

Why are Pellet Grills So Popular?

Pellet grills have been growing in popularity for years, and you might be wondering, “What’s behind their rapid rise in popularity?”

There’s nothing like the taste of wood-smoked BBQ coming off your Oakford

  1. Convenience. Producing amazing flavour with pellet grills is easy, requiring little more than throwing some wood pellets into a hopper, set your desired temperature on a control panel or app, and letting time and temperature do their thing.

  2. Flavour. The unique thing about pellet grills is that they allow you flavourize the smoke itself by using flavoured pellets made from different hardwoods like oak, mesquite, hickory, apple, and even cherry! This means no matter what kind of meat you're cooking, it will taste just as delicious when finished because it has absorbed all those amazing flavours along the way.

  3. Features. Part of the reason why pellet smokers are so popular is all the new features they're introducing to the braai world (and the Oakford is no exception). With features like precise temperature control, indirect heating, and NEX-fi technology, which enables you to connect and control your grill from an app on your smartphone, it’s no wonder the braai world is heating up on pellet smokers. Read on for more features about the new Nexgrill Oakford 790 Pellet Grill.

Introducing the Oakford 790 Pellet Grill

Oakford 790 Pellet Grill

To live up to our mantra of Everyone's Invited™, we knew we had to make an Oakford that everyone could sink their teeth into.

It's time to dig deeper into the special features included in the Nexgrill Oakford 790 Pellet Grill.

Maintain the Perfect Temperature with the NEX-fi™ Enabled SureTemp™ Controller

Have you ever had a low and slow cook go bad because the temperature in your grill keeps fluctuating? With the new SureTemp™ controller on the Oakford 790 pellet grill, fluctuating temperatures are a problem of the past.

The Nexgrill Oakford 790 Pellet Grill comes with a front-facing SureTemp™ controller: a new Nexgrill technology that puts you in total command of the temperature within the firebox. Based on a specially formulated algorithm, the SureTemp™ controller monitors and maintains temperatures within -12 degrees Celsius.

If it detects too much variance in temperature, the SureTemp™ controller intelligently adjusts the amount of heat (and smoke) in your grill to keep your food cooking at the perfect temperature.

While we cannot control the temperature outside, inside, the temperature will stay steady and true.

Take the Guess Work Out of Fuel Economy

Nexgrill Pellet Grill Hopper

Have you ever been cooking on a gas or charcoal grill and caught yourself sweating whether you have enough propane or hot coals to finish the job?

With the new i-Site™ Pellet Fuel Indicator, you can track your fuel levels with a glance. No more guessing if you have enough fuel. Just open the lid, pour in your wood pellets, and fire it up!

Control Your Cookout Right from Your Smartphone

Setting up a successful low and slow cookout is easy with Oakford's SureTemp™ controller, but if you want to take your command to the next level, you have to try the new Nexgrill App.

Control the Oakford Pellet Smoker with the new Nexgrill App.

Using the new Nexgrill App, you can control the temperature, set your cook timers, and monitor up to 4 probes at once. The Nex-Fi™ enabled Oakford connects to the Nexgrill app using WiFi or BlueTooth.

Once your food reaches the right temperature, Oakford’s built-in intelligence automatically shifts the firebox into warming mode. Your food will be ready and waiting.

Just set your temperature, set your timer, sit back, and enjoy!

Prep and Serve Food On the Fold Down Shelf

If you're an avid griller, then you know the value of prep space.

That's what makes the fold-down shelf on Oakford Pellet Grill so useful.

Nexgrill Pellet Smoker Shelf

With the front-facing fold-down shelves on the Oakford 790, you can prep your food in front while your firebox heats up inside. Then when it comes time to serve everything together, simply pull down the front shelf and serve up some tasty wood-smoked food!

Plenty of Heat Inside the Firebox

While there are many excellent features on the outside of Oakford Pellet Grill, there are even more on the inside to get excited about.
  • In the primary cooking area, you'll find high gloss porcelain-coated cooking grates. These high-quality grids are sturdy, reliable, easy to clean, and designed to retain heat exceptionally well.
  • There's also a convenient warming rack with plenty of cooking space. Use it to heat your food at a lower temperature or to keep it warm throughout your cookout.
  • Also, the Oakford 790 comes with at least one meat probe that connects to the SureTemp™ controller and the Nexgrill app. Simply insert the probe into your main ingredient and monitor the internal temperature of your food without ever opening the firebox.

Messy Hopper Cleanup? Not On Your Oakford Pellet Grill

One of the biggest complaints of pellet grills is how hard it is to keep the hopper clean, but with Oakford, cleanup is a breeze.

That's because the Oakford features a trap door designed into the bottom of the hopper, making it easier than ever to change out or empty your flavoured pellets.

Find New Oakford Pellet Grill On

Just when you thought your braai couldn't get any better, the all-new Oakford 790 Pellet Grill from Nexgrill delivers a surefire way to cook up the legendary wood-smoked flavour with ease.

Whether it's something as simple as smoking ribs on a slow Sunday afternoon or full-on restaurant-quality brisket, this newest addition to Nexgrill gives you some tasty options to choose from.

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