Gram-Worthy Grilling: 5 Tips for Better Food Photography

Whether it’s a juicy story or a tasty side dish, there’s something about braaiing that just makes you want to share. At a braai, this usually isn’t an issue. You fill up a plate and hand it to whoever’s nearby. You grab a chair and spark up a conversation. But what about the friends that couldn’t make it? Sharing photos of your food has become a prevalent part of the culture, especially since the rise of highly accessible smartphone cameras and social media. So today, we’ve cooked up 5 food photography tips to help you share your braai experiences with those who couldn’t make the cookout. When the time comes to share your pics on social, be sure to let the entire Nexgrill community in on the fun by using #HungryForDifferent.

Let’s dig in.

1. Use Natural Light

Have you ever seen a #foodpic that has a dull, yellowish-orange tinge to it? More times than not, that’s the result of artificial lighting. Instead, use natural daylight to make your plate pop. The light you get when you’re outside grilling will determine your best course of action.

well lit daylight outdoor food photo

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Soft, diffused daylight is what you want. That means overcast days are perfect for capturing anything coming off your braai. On the other hand, bright, sunny days may mean dealing with harsh, distracting shadows. If that’s the case, it’s probably best to take things to the patio, or some other shady area.

indoor natural food photo lighting

If you have to shoot inside, consider moving your subject near a window for some indirect, natural light.

2. Shoot from An Effective Angle

Think about all of the different types of food you cook up on your Nexgrill Oakfor 790 Pellet Grill. With so many different shapes, textures and colours, it makes sense that you wouldn’t shoot any two food items exactly the same.

Just like you and I, all food has a “good side” or angle that you want to capture in your photography. Let’s run through a few examples.

burger photo shot best from the side angle

Burgers and other braaied sandwiches are best shot from the side. That way, you can showcase not only the temperature of the meat but also all of your toppings and condiments.

Shooting a fresh-off-the-braai pizza from the side, on the other hand, is considered criminal in some states. (Not really, but don’t do it.) Instead, show your pie’s good side by standing up and shooting from a top-down view to capture all its cheesy, bubbling glory.

delicious grilled vegetable diagonal shot

Last, we have the diagonal shot, which gives you the best of both worlds. Use this angle when you want to feature both the top and side of your subject. Take a tray of braaied vegetables, for example. A diagonal shot will help highlight textures while providing depth to your photo.

It’s ultimately up to you to distinguish good angles from bad. When in doubt, just start snapping pics and see which ones work.

3. Tell a Story

The purpose of photography is to tell a story. Your braai pics should be no different! While the ultimate goal is to make your friends drool over your food, it certainly doesn’t hurt to bring some humanity to the table.

wine glasses clinging

If your subject is a beverage, propose a toast.

cooking preparation wide view

Document some of the prep work behind your masterpiece.

capture the first moment you slice into a steak

Rather than just shooting a goliath hunk of meat, hand your friend a steak knife and capture that first cut.

Fortess outdoor grilling

Some pics don’t need any food to show how great your braai is.

Remember, prompting food envy is easy. Capturing moments that transport people to the day of your braai? That’s what will make your photos truly special.

4. Mind the Details

During the festivities of a braai, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and snap away without paying attention to the minor details of your photo’s composition. For every shot, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is there dirty dishware/cutlery in the frame?

    Unless it’s intentional and artfully done, it might take away from the featured food.

  • Is the food arranged as neatly as possible?

    Try to achieve some visual balance. Doesn’t matter how tasty it looks—if that slider is off centre, your photo may not be Gram-worthy.

  • Does my subject have enough breathing room?

    Empty negative space is your friend because it creates clean compositions. You can roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty after you get the shot.

5. Keep It Simple

We love food and love socializing. So it’s no wonder why a braai is such a popular pastime. If you had a great time and enjoyed tasty food at your braai, let your food speak for itself! A minimalist approach doesn’t only look great, it means less work, too.

Feel free to do away with unnecessary garnishes. Forget the extravagant filters and just capture the moment. The simpler the better.

Many braai dishes have an awesome natural colour. When you place them on a solid, neutral background, it’s easy to capture their brilliance.

sometimes a simple minimal photo is the way to go

No decorations. Just delicious. Simple as that.

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