We know what you’re thinking, “Buy a pellet grill that uses electricity, while we have loadshedding?” We’ve done all the research, and we’ve put together the ultimate cheat sheet to know how to use your Oakford 790 Pellet Grill in the darkness. What’s more is we’re going to bust a few myths about pellet grilling that you didn’t even know you didn’t know.

The basic electricity usage


A pellet grill uses the most electricity to ignite and come to temperature, about 230W. Once it’s reached temperature, it reduces to between 30-50W while in use. For example, if you smoke a big cut of meat for 6-8 hours, it will use no more than 50W per hour to cook. Compared to an oven that will use between 2000-3000W in total. A pellet grill’s temperature is highly dependent on the weather and will use more power if the ambient temperature fluctuates. If it’s a cold, cloudy day with wind, it will take longer for the pellet grill to reach temperature. Whereas if it’s a sunny day, the opposite.

Our Oakford 790 Pellet Grill self regulates. That means that the pellet grill itself will ‘switch off’ the power spike during the cook, to reduce the amount of electricity used, based on the set temperature. Compare that total to that of a television that uses 90-100W per hour.

The pellet grill and a generator

With the current electricity status in the country, it is worrisome to buy more appliances that can only work on electricity. We need alternatives that can work on solar- or generator power. Our Oakford 790 Pellet Grill can work on any standard generator, so you are sorted with a smart braai that can withstand the challenges loadshedding throws our way.

Tips during loadshedding

  • Always keep your extension cords away from heated surfaces.
  • Braaiing is a family affair. Make sure to have your generator far enough away from your Oakford, to prevent breathing in exhaust fumes. Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning can make you very sick, or even lead to death. If you can’t keep your generator a safe distance from your Oakford, we would suggest not to use it then while the power is off.
  • Braai ingredients that will cook quickly during loadshedding. Although the Oakford can work on a generator, it’s unnecessary to braai something that will take hours to finish on the expensive fuel of a generator.
  • If the power goes off in the middle of your cook, just switch on your Oakford again, set to temperature, and continue braaiing.

How to calculate the total power consumption:

  • Ignition 5-8 minutes = Up to 230 watts
  • Cooking time of ingredients hours @ 30-50 watts p/hour
  • Add the ignition and cooking time together for total consumption